4 Aug

The whole phenomenon of media and blogging is personally, mind-blowing. It is ludicrous to ponder that any person; no matter what their status, influence or expertise can type an idea, an opinion or argument which is accessible to a global audience, instantaneously. Blogging is undeniably a bizarre concept. For instance, to you, I am a stranger but here you are, reading my words. So let’s be friends…my name is Claire and I am a 21 year old student studying Media and Communication Studies at the University of Wollongong and I need to get my blog on for one of my subjects.

This week’s BCM240 lesson focused on the connection between MEDIA and SPACE and the challenge of sharing an image which captures our own personal interpretation of this relationship.


I took the attached image of my friends having lunch at the University caf today. It depicts my friends gathered together in a social huddle though visually mesmerized in the conversations on their mobile phones rather than with their immediate company. This photo encapsulates my perception of the universal link between media and space; portraying my friends as being connected by media in the same space (a dinner table at Campus) when in fact, they are present in another space through utilising social media via their mobile phones.

Thanks to the wonders of media; limitations of space and communication are minimal. Ideally, media permits the establishment of relationships with individuals on a global scale in the matter of seconds. Alas, unfortunately, media can establish problematic antisocial standards to those individuals in our own immediate surroundings.

 Till next blog, be present, be aware… PEACE OUT!

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